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What others are saying about Scaling Up...


Gary Pica

President, True Methods

I have built three successful businesses using Verne's [Scaling Up] methodology.

Kevin Chin2.jpg

Kevin Chin

Founder & MD, Arowana & co

The implementation of the Rockefeller Habits has had a profound effect on Arowana & co. We have grown from $40 mill to nearly $500 mill in group enterprise value with virtually zero debt."

Gerben Nijmeijer.jpg

Gerben Nijmeijer

Founder, Wazzup

Scaling Up is very applicable, even if you have a small, fast growing company. This year we will be growing from 1 to 6 countries with about 25 staff, which would not have happended without your book.

Scott Nash.jpg

Scott Nash

CEO, MOM'S Organic Market

I was in a YEO forum with a guy who took his company from $7 million to $40 million, eventually selling to Raytheon for $40 million. After hearing his repeated references to Verne Harnish, I finally attended the Rockefeller Habits seminar. I honestly believe that without ever going, I'd still be running a mom and pop operation and probably hating my job-begging someone to buy me out!


Steve Mckean

CEO, Acceller

Gazelles' two biggest value-adds for CEOs are providing a scalable management structure from zero to $100 million and vetting the business concepts and learning we need to grow our businesses. It is stressful to see more information being produced than can be consumed, so curating all the new ideas and authors, as you do, is huge for us.

Tony Petrucciani.jpg

Tony Petrucciani

CEO, Single Source Systems, Inc

Several of the management techniques (our daily "adrenaline" meetings and weekly
management meetings) that we implemented over the years helped us get to a
much better valuation than we would have otherwise.

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