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Scaling Up Group Masterclass


How can you 10x your business without a 10x increase in effort, costs and stress? The Scaling UpTM performance system provides a framework of you can use to scale both rapidly and efficiently. The terrific thing about Scaling Up is as a framework, it provides proven effective methods, principles and tools you and your leadership team can learn and implement quickly to see lasting change as well as immediate results. Introduction to Scaling up in 3 Group Masterclasses In 3 sessions of 3 hours each you you will learn the fundamentals of the Scaling Up system to sharpen your strategy, improve your execution and free yourself from the constraints to scale. ⦁ Group sessions – multiple ventures of up to 6 ⦁ Up to 3 co-founders or founder plus 1-2 x senior leadership ⦁ Online, with possibility of in-person in Mannheim ⦁ 1,000 Euro per Venture Team




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