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Lasting Change. Immediate impact. We guarantee it.


Scaling requires transformation. We get you there. 

While many ventures are started each year, less than 3% scale up


Scaling is different to starting and even growing. Many founders and CEOs are unaware there is a simpler, more structured approach to managing and driving scaling. Customers who come to us usually lack knowledge of what is important during scaling or tools that help them how to scale. The result is the vast majority simply survive or growth plateaus, and they never achieve the size and scale they were initially planning and hopeful of.


You can't shake the feeling you can be doing better, growing more efficiently with less pressure and stress on yourself, your team and your life. But you're unsure of precisely what the business should do differently now to accelerate performance and unlock scale more easily.

Accelerate performance and unlock scale 

Made for scale helps ventures accelerate performance and scale through applying a clear, practical approach to scaling.


I am Claire Mula - entrepreneur and Scaling Up Coach.

I understand how much energy it takes to start and scale a venture, having experienced it first hand! It can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also fill us with moments of frustration and doubt. Unfortunately, no one taps you on the shoulder and tells you how to do it precisely when you need to hear it!

You can't shake the feeling you can be doing better, growing more efficiently with less pressure and stress on yourself, your team and your life. But you're unsure of precisely what the business should do differently now to accelerate performance and unlock scale more easily.

With 20+ years of leading and researching digital/tech-based businesses, I coach ventures in the Scaling upTM performance platform as early as late seed and a few million dollars in revenue to multi-million dollar valuations.




we help you to understand your biggest scaling constraints and the hidden opportunities in your business to unlock scale. Be it people, strategy, execution, cashflow, business model or even leadership.



we expertly guide you and your leadership through the know-how and practical exercises across all 4 decision areas every leadership team must excel at in order to scale.




we work on aligning your team behind the most influential priorities and actions you can take in the next 90-days to accelerate scale.

Your Results


You will experience long-lasting change and immediate impact on your team performance and business. Whether it's increasing revenue, improving profitability, valuations or making it easier to scale, we promises we will help you and your team achieve immediate impact on your business within three months, or our short-pay guarantee applies.


Details of our short-pay guarantee here

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Scaling Up Coaches Sydney


Our Core Values

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We bring our best to every game.

We fire on all engines.

We get the rocket launched. We get it done.

We honour entrepreneurship. There is no reward without risk and learning.

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Show me don't tell me is our mantra. 

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We are always human and keep it real.


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Claire is an Australian entrepreneur and certified Scaling Up™ coach.


Like all entrepreneurs, Claire experienced the highs and lows of starting and scaling a business – Asia’s first mobile commerce software platform for retail. After expanding to several international markets, she understands how much energy it takes to start and scale a venture. Prior to founding her business, Claire held several commercial and general management roles with consumer goods manufacturing and large media groups including Procter & Gamble, Fairfax and Astro in Malaysia.


Claire exited through a direct sale to an Australian listed small cap in 2015, joining the board. In 2017, Claire became laser-focused on helping other entrepreneurs and leadership teams to navigate the transformation during scaling with greater ease and likelihood of success. Her passion for scaling led her to collaborate on research with universities where she has led several scientific studies and co-authored publications on the subject.

Claire discovered Scaling UpTM coaches while researching and designing a scale up acceleration program for the innovation and investment arm of the City of Mannheim in Germany. Based on the globally renowned Scaling UpTM Performance platform, Claire applies Scaling Up through one-to-one coaching, small group classes and accelerator programs.

Claire’s applies her deep knowledge of scaling early-stage businesses and energetic coaching style to confidently guide founders and leaders of early-stage ventures to accelerate performance and scale, promising every leadership team will experience lasting change and immediate impact on scaling their business with 3 months or a short-pay guarantee applies.

With twenty years in digitalized and technology-based businesses, applying the Scaling Up performance platform to ventures from as early as 10+ to 1,000+ staff is Claire’s focus.


Every month, Claire dedicates some coaching days to supporting enterprises in social and climate change to scale.

Professional Highlights

  • 25 years of professional experience including general management, marketing, product roles in blue-chip corporates such as Fairfax and Procter & Gamble.

  • 12 years as an entrepreneur, venture coach and advisor.

  • 3 years ASX listed board experience

  • Co-author of research and scientific publications on scaling.  Read more here.

  • Development of successful scale up accelerator programs and peer mentoring programs for incubators and portfolio investors.

  • In-house Entrepreneur in Residence for VC and innovation incubation units of large corporates including BASF’s chemovator. 

  • Specialist in new digitalized business models and technologies which disrupt and ultimate reshape industries.

  • Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Masters in International Management and Bachelor of Accounting.

Personal Highlights

  • Living in Europe, Asia, Australia and working with diverse people and teams.

  • Loves of live music, outdoor adventure, boating and travel. 

  • Currently in Sydney, Australia known for its beautiful harbour and beaches.

  • Mother of two teenagers and a mini cockerpoo called charlie

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Please connect with me via Linkedin. 

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