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Scale Your Business More Easily And Profitably.

Discover the methods used by 80,000 businesses to scale up. Join our fast and free Webinars for Scale Up leaders. 

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7 Common pitfalls during  Scaling
and how to avoid them - Webinar

Learn the common pitfalls and hidden constraints that many companies unknowingly face while trying to scale. We will show you proven methods and practical tools to address pitfalls, breakthrough constraints and accelerate growth in your business.  This is a live, complimentary online webinar.

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7 Levers of an Effective Growth Strategy - Webinar

Many companies think they have a truly effective growth strategy, when really they have a plan. Learn the 7 levers behind a truly effective growth strategy used by successful scale-ups. Develop a truly differential and clearly stated growth strategy. Live, complimentary online webinar.

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Get the Right People in the Right Seats doing Right Things - Webinar

How many people would you enthusiatically rehire again? Is everyone fully aligned, engaged and energised in your business today? People is such a universal challenge during scaling. Learn 3 practical tools to make better hiring decisions and to assess, align and energise your team. Live, complimentary online webinar.

How to drive consistent Team Performance & Short-term Wins - Webinar

If you’re having difficulty consistently delivering outcomes in your business, you may have an execution problem. That’s the easiest to solve. Learn best practices from 80,000 companies globally including how to focus your team, manage through data and implement organizational routines which will help you deliver your short-term performance goals outcomes consistently . Live, complimentary online webinar.

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What Clients Have Said About Us

This workshop was the best one I ever had about how to make our startup a success. Claire showed profound knowledge about entrepreneurship and excellent coaching and communication skills. On all topics within strategy, execution, people and financials she was able to guide and consult us in an very effective and open way. This was especially in our industry with new business models ... quite challenging. We loved to work with her and would do it again.

Heiko Franssen, CEO, brainbot technologies

Heiko Franssen.jpeg

Claire worked as a coach and board member in our startup in the early stages. I have to say I was (am) very impressed by her, not only she guided us through important steps, but also made sure we kept our focus on what mattered. She also knew very well how to deliver to us the right- and sometimes tough - feedback that we needed to move things forward. Definitely one of the best professionals I've worked with!

Michel Weinketz, Co-founder & CEO, Resycure

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Gati Kalim.jpeg

Claire demonstrated her ability to guide our early-stage venture teams through the often tumultuous journey of growth. Her ability to identify potential roadblocks and obstacles helped our startups avoid costly mistakes, and her guidance was instrumental in helping our portfolio companies achieve significant growth milestones. Overall, I would highly recommend Claire to any startup or entrepreneur looking to build and scale their business. She is an incredibly strong coach and a valuable asset to any incubator or accelerator program.

Gati Kalim, Head of Venture Portfolio, chemovator - BASF

Anna Hüttl.jpeg

Claire is a great facilitator. Instead of only facilitating the sessions as a moderator, she enables the team deep-dive into an entire strategy evaluation with a clear red line unfolding all critical areas for early-stage business build-up: Strategy, Team, Financials and Execution.

Anna Hüttl, Startup Ecosystem Manager, Next Mannheim

What Clients Say About Scaling Up

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits continues to be the best and most practical
business book I have ever read. It is the foundation on which our enterprises have been built. Verne, thank you.

Dr. Steven Hotze CEO, Hotze Enterprises

Dr. Steven Hotze.jpg

We are a huge disciple of your book and system for planning. We incorporated the one-page strategic plan about three years ago and use it as our platform for all of our planning across 5 business lines and corporately. We have married up your book with Getting Things Done by David Allen and Who by Geoff Smart. We utilize the scorecard system in Who to assign accountability to the plan and utilize the project plan in GTD to assign the next three action steps per Rock.

Jon Kinning COO and Owner, RK Mechanical, Inc

Jon Kinning.jpeg

Learning the Rockefeller Habits is the single best thing we have done as a company. It has led to complete company alignment, faster learning, and numerous breakthroughs. More importantly, the process has allowed us to thrive despite being in an industry that has fallen almost 70% in the last number of years. I consider it a must for any leadership team looking to grow its business.

Jeff Booth CEO, BuildDirect

Jeff Booth.jpg

We recently sold our business to private equity. It was unexpected, but we realized selling a business is often not on your timeline but on the market's timeline. I know "you probably hear this a lot, but I specifically wanted to let you know I think one of the reasons they felt very good about our organization was the fact that we have implemented your habits. From the daily huddles to the one-page plan, I truly feel the disciplined culture we have formed around the Rockefeller Habits helped us achieve the top 10% of multiples in our industry on the sale!

Jason A Jacobson CEO, NetGain Technologies

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This is a complimentary webinar. Not a sales call.

We will share strategies you can apply to your own business to unlock scale.

Scaling up is applicable to ambitious leaders and businesses! 

 Of course there is ZERO obligation to work with us after the call.  We just hope that we are able to help you scale more easily. :)

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