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Strategy & Planning Facilitation

Is the organization kicking all priorities and goals quarter on quarter, year on year? Execution requires clarity, discipline and focus. A solid planning meeting rhythm is therefore key to scaling success. 


Annual and quarterly strategy and planning sessions align teams behind priorities, review and sharpen strategy and set clear goals for the period ahead. 

A facilitated session incorporates Scaling Up methodology and best practices into your Planning and allows the Founder/CEO and strategic leadership to fully focus on the discussion and outcomes on the day. It also infuses energy and new ways of solving challenges which levels up decision-making, output and team commitment.

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Scaling Up Sydney

What’s included:

One to two days on-site facilitation by Certified Scaling Up coach with CEO and leadership 

Clearly documented and aligned organizational priorities, goals and action plans for next quarter

Review and sharpening of your strategy fit for scaling

Pre-discussion and custom Agenda preparation

Preparation including pre-reading and other resources for the team

Scaling Up CEO and team Assessment to identify opportunities

All presentation materials, methods and tools required to support strategy review, goal and priority setting during session

Post-discussion reflection session with CEO

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It's tough and time-consuming to both plan, structure, facilitate, moderate AND inspire your leadership while applying your own view and thinking to the discussion.


The best meetings provide structure, allow for diverse views and a high quality discussion but result in clear outcomes and a committed team. 

We will work with you on preparation and agenda planning to focus the session on the most urgent and important strategic issues and debrief with you after the session. The facilitation may happen on-site at your premises or another location. 1-2 Days is optimal.

Lasting Change. Immediate impact. We guarentee it.

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Scaling up workshop is putting in practice the bible of growth.


Scale Facilitation
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