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Scaling Up Acceleration Workshop


Is your business planning to scale?

Or not scaling as quickly and profitably as you would like?


Most start-up founders/CEOs are unaware of what they need to do differently during scaling to avoid growth slowing or flatlining.

With a structured approach, practical tools and hands-on guidance from a certified Scaling Up coach, you and your team will leave energised, focussed and with a clear plan to drive growth next quarter and beyond.

Less than 3% of new firms ever scale up. 

Be the exception!

Together as a leadership team you will be energised and focused as you learn to apply proven methods, and practical tools to accelerate performance in your business. 

Leave the workshop with:


  • Immediate actions you can implement to improve this quarter’s performance.

  • Lasting change on performance as a team you learn tools to focus on the best opportunities to reach your goals. 

  • New network with other scale up leaders and founders at similar stage you can learn from.


What is Scaling Up?

Adopted by 80,000+ businesses globally to accelerate performance, grow rapidly and efficiently, Scaling Up enables you to;

  • Develop a truly Effective Growth Strategy.

  • Focus on Priorities and Actions most likely to deliver short-term wins and long-term goals. 

  • Energise, Align and Develop your team to be more effective scale up leaders.

  • Improve profitability, cashflow and working capital to fund growth.

  • Identify persistent problems or constraints to scale.


About the Program
Roll up your sleeves - this is not a lean-back experience! 
It is a highly interactive, practical workshop for leadership teams of later-stage start ups and scale ups. You and your exec team will make decisions that immediately accelerate your organisation's performance over the next 90 days. Your team will learn new strategies and routines creating lasting change on your team performance.

What is included in my ticket?

  • Private 2-day Small Group Workshop with other Scale Up Founders and Leaders 

  • Limited to maximise learning min 5, max 8 leadership teams. 

  • You tickets allows you to bring between 2 and 5+ exec team or colleagues as stipulated.

  • Facilitation by a fully Certified Scaling Up coach.

  • All growth tools and exercises you need to apply to your business.

  • Initial online Scaling Up Assessment and call with a certified coach.

  • Post-workshop implementation call to support and address questions during implementation.

Who should attend?
Not for everyone! This course is designed specifically for Founders, CEOs and Execs of late start-up or growth stage businesses who are;
  • ambitious for growth, 
  • willing to spend time to accelerate growth and performance
  • beyond start-up, already has product, customers, 3+ years of revenue 
Founders of later-stage high growth start-ups transitioning to scale can also benefit from planning for scale early. 
After reserving my team table, what can I expect?

Step 1

Initial Scaling Up Assessment questionnaire to identify your biggest scaling opportunities. 

Step 2

Initial Coaching call with your certified Scaling Up coach, Claire to discuss your Scaling Up Assessment results. The program shall be tailored based on this.

At this point if the course is not the right fit for you and your stage of business, we can cancel your reservation and 100% refund your ticket.

Step 3

Attend the Private, Small Group Workshop, ideally with your leadership team and other Scale Up leaders over 2-days in person.

Step 4

Post workshop coaching call after the session is offered and supports leaders in implementation in the work place.

Next Private Small Group Workshop:

February 20 & 21, 2025
8.45am to 5pm

Investment for 2-days plus preparation from:

$1,500 2-3 person team ($500 pp)
$2,000 4-5 person team ($400 pp)
$890 per single person

exGST. Discount applies for four or more participants from one company.  Includes Morning / Afternoon tea & coffee


Sydney Tech Central (Stone & Chalk)
Level 1, 477 Pitt St.
Opposite Central station, Haymarket Lightrail stop

"Claire showed profound knowledge about entrepreneurship and excellent coaching and communication skills. On all topics within strategy, execution, people and financials she was able to guide and consult us in a very effective and open way. This was especially in our industry with new business models quite challenging. We loved to work with her and would do it again. Thank you very much, Claire!"

Heiko Franssen, CEO, Brainbot

1E7A1469_ Claire_Mula_web small.jpg
About Claire Mula,
Founder & Scaling Up Certified Coach

I understand how much energy it takes to start and scale a venture, having experienced it first hand! It can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also fill us with moments of frustration and doubt. Unfortunately, no one taps you on the shoulder and tells you how to do it and precisely when you need to hear it!​

With 20+ years of leading and researching digital/tech-based businesses, I coach ventures in the Scaling Up performance platform as early as late seed and a few million dollars in revenue to multi-million dollar businesses.

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Intro & Strategy 

Review and sharpen your Strategy so that it is truly differential.

Scaling Up Overview

4 Decisions every founder/CEO needs to make to scale.

Scaling Up Strategy

  • Best customers and Jobs to be Done

  • How to state you strategy simply

  • How to adopt a truly differentiated strategy

Tools & Resources

  • Scaling up Assessment

  • Vision summary

  • Best Customers exercise

  • Brand Promises exercise

Recommended Reading

  • Verne Harnish on Scaling Up Strategy

  • Clayton Christiansen on Jobs to be Done

People & Core Values 

Right people in the right roles, doing the right things 


Scaling Up People

  • Getting the right people in the right roles to scale

  • Set or review company Core values 

  • Recruiting and managing top talent

  • Talent assessment


Tools & Resources​

  • FACe

  • PACe

  • Talent Assessment

  • Job Scorecards


Recommended Reading

  • Geoff Smart (Who?) or Brad Smart on Topgrading

Execution & Data

Keep the main thing, the main thing and hit your goals every quarter.


Scaling Up Execution 4-5 hrs 

  • Set a terrific big hairy audacious goal.

  • Link strategy to consistent execution

  • Identify your constraints & opportunities

  • Set Annual and Quarterly Priorities

  • Lead and Lag KPIs

  • Critical numbers and scoreboards

  • Meeting cadences

  • Period Themes


Tools & Resources​

  • BHAG  exercise

  • Decide Next 90 days Priorities

  • Set next 90 days Critical Nos and KPIs

  • Scoreboards


Recommended Reading​

  • Good to Great Jim Collins

  • Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Verne Harnish

Cashflow & Valuation

Remove your constraints and exponentially grow cashflow and valuation as you scale.



Scaling Up Cash

  • Understand 7 drivers of Profit and Cash

  • Understand working capital r

  • Understand The Power of One to improve profit, cash and valuation

  • Understand constraints in your business model and how to unlock them.


Tools & Resources​

  • Your financial statements - Revenue, Profit, Cash

  • Cashflow story Case Study

  • Pricing strategies

  • Boosting Valuation

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