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Scaling Up™️ Coaching

How can you 10x your business, without a 10x in your time, effort and cost?


A new phase of growth is exciting, but requires new knowledge, methods and leadership skills to manage and scale efficiently. The strategy, team and activities that previously worked to get you here, are not what will get you to scale. What's more, as your customers grow and organization expands, your role as founder or CEO is also changing.

Every winning team needs a terrific coach. One to one coaching for CEO and leadership is an effective way to learn the Scaling Up system. A coach guides you through the principles and methodology for scaling, provides you with access to resources and tools and helps you and your leadership to implement best practices and technology purpose fit for scaling.


What's more, the right external coach can be a great sounding board. Providing an external perspective on your decisions and reflection for the CEO and senior leadership.


What’s included:

Monthly one-to-one coaching sessions with Founder/CEO and other key members of leadership.

Resources and tools designed to support adoption of the Scaling Up system, guided by your coach.

Initial Scaling Up assessment for the CEO and leadership team to understand where their greatest opportunities and constraints are when it comes to scaling.

Quarterly Strategy and Planning meeting facilitation including preparation, agenda development and post-meeting decisions.

Education and knowledge transfer for CEO and leadership on four decisions and systems in People, Strategy, Execution and Cash that influence scaling.

Presentation materials, methods and tools required to support implementation

Optional access to proprietary Scaling Up technology to support implementation of the methodology in your team such as Scoreboard, Growth Institute and Cashflow Story.


Using proven effective methodologies such as the Scaling Up Operating System, Value Proposition Canvas, Lean Start-up and other best practices and frameworks for building successful Teams, recruiting top talent, managing cashflow, setting the strategy and measuring execution and performance, a coach can bring new ways of solving challenges and identifying opportunities so you can make better decisions.


Scaling Up performance platform focuses on the Four Decisions® methodology every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash — a series of One-Page Tools including the famous One-Page Strategic Plan and the Rockefeller Habits Execution Checklist, which more than 70,000 firms around the globe have used to scale their companies successfully.


  • One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP)

  • Functional Accountability Chart (FACe)

  • Process Accountability Chart (PACe)


  • SWT

  • 7 Strata

  • One-Page Strategic Plan

  • Vision Summary


  • Who What When (WWW)

  • Rockefeller Habits Checklist™


  • Cash Acceleration Strategies (CASh)

  • The Power of One

Lasting Change. Immediate impact. We guarentee it.

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Claire Mula shares her insights on scaling up and her own experiences in a very inspiring, comprehensible, and entertaining way. The founders benefited immensely from her input as she is emphasizing on new topics and results which she translated into hands-on information and take aways for scale up founders.

Anna Hüttl

Startup Ecosystem Manager, Next Mannheim

Business Development
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