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Founders Fast Lunch 
Learn and grow with fellow Scale Up Founders & CEOs

Founders Fast Lunch is a fast lunchtime learning exchange for Scale Up Founders / CEOs. Facilitated by a Scaling Up Coach and complimentary for selected leaders.


Learn new methods, tools, resources fit for scale up stage every two months.

Meet and Connect with a group of fellow Founders /CEOs at similar stage.

Inspiration! Bounce ideas, share challenges & get advise in a safe space.

Master and grow your leadership as your company grows.

Find your peeps! Meet founders, eager to learn and keep each other accountable.

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Session 1: Common pitfalls during  Scaling - Online

We discuss the common pitfalls and hidden constraints that many companies unknowingly face while trying to scale. We will discuss growing versus scaling strategies and how to address pitfalls and breakthrough constraints. .
This Fast Founders Group session is online for 1 - 1.5 hours 12pm.

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Session 2: Effective Scaling Strategy - Accelerating you Flywheel - Online

Many companies think they have a truly effective growth strategy, when really they have a plan. We will discuss as a group the levers behind a truly effective growth strategy. And share how to build and accelerate your flywheel to grow more predictably. This Fast Founders Group session is online for 1 - 1.5 hours 12pm.

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Session 3: Right People, Right Seats doing Right Things - Online

People is such a universal challenge during scaling. Scaling up requires incredible talent, especially in leadership roles, focussed on the right things. How many people would you enthusiastically rehire tomorrow? We will discuss strategies and practical tools to stack and atract incredible talent to the right roles and to elevate accountability. This Fast Founders Group session is online for 1 - 1.5 hours 12pm.

Session 4: Consistent Team Performance, Momentum and Execution - Online

If you’re having difficulty consistently delivering outcomes and profit in your business, you may have an execution problem. That’s the easiest to solve! We will discuss what's important to consistent performance as a team and share best practices, disciplines and routines which help deliver outcomes consistently . This Fast Founders Group session is online for 1 - 1.5 hours 12pm.

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Session 5: Boost Valuation and Plan for Investment or Exit.  Online

Are you looking to fund the next stage of your growth? Or planning an exit in a few years? Growing Strategic assets and Financial Valuation of your company should be in focus. We will discuss the fundamentals of how companies are valued by different buyers or investors. We will review the financial and strategic levers to prepare for raising capital (or selling a business) at the best valuation.   This Fast Founders Group session is online for 1 - 1.5 hours 12pm.

Lunch with Friends

Session 6: Founders Lunch and Fireside Chat - In Person - Sydney. 

We will meet up in-person over a casual meal to connect, network and hear from successful Founders/operators with lived experience of scaling up their business. Join us for lunch in Sydney (details to come). Connect and meet your next peer mentor, accountability partner or just like-minded founders and leaders. An intimate fireside chat with a Founder who has successfully scaled their business. This is an in person event for Founders Fast Lunch attendees only. Founders will pay for their own meal and drinks, the session is otherwise complimentary. 2.5 hour lunch sessions. Sydney central location.

About Your Facilitator & Coach

Claire Mula

Claire Mula (GAICD) is an Australian entrepreneur, researcher and Scaling Up coach. 


Claire has profound knowledge of building business from her lived experience of starting, scaling and exiting her own business for a 8-digit figure within 7 years. 


Over 25+ years of professional life, Claire has hands-on operational experience in Strategy, Product, Marketing, Sales, Technology, Partnerships, General Management and as a Director for start-ups and blue-chip companies including Procter & Gamble, Astro All Asia Networks and Fairfax.  


An Industry Fellow at the University of Technology in Sydney, Claire has co-authored research on Entrepreneurship and Scaling. She commits time each year to mentoring and coaching founders of companies making a positive impact on society and the environment.


A nomad at heart, Claire loves to travel with her family, and take to the water in Sydney’s stunning harbour.

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What Founders & Investors Have To Say...

Heiko Franssen.jpeg

Claire showed profound knowledge about entrepreneurship and excellent coaching and communication skills. On all topics within strategy, execution, people and financials she was able to guide and consult us in an very effective and open way. This was especially in our industry with new business models ... quite challenging. We loved to work with her and would do it again.

Heiko Franssen, CEO, brainbot technologies

Claire worked as a coach and board member in our startup in the early stages. I have to say I was (am) very impressed by her, not only she guided us through important steps, but also made sure we kept our focus on what mattered. She also knew very well how to deliver to us the right- and sometimes tough - feedback that we needed to move things forward. Definitely one of the best professionals I've worked with!

Michel Weinketz.jpeg

Michel Weinketz, Co-founder & CEO, Resycure

Gati Kalim.jpeg

Her ability to identify potential roadblocks and obstacles helped our startups avoid costly mistakes, and her guidance was instrumental in helping our portfolio companies achieve significant growth milestones. Overall, I would highly recommend Claire to any startup or entrepreneur looking to build and scale their business. She is an incredibly strong coach and a valuable asset to any incubator or accelerator program.

Gati Kalim, Head of Venture Portfolio, chemovator - BASF

Claire is a great facilitator. Instead of only facilitating the sessions as a moderator, she enables the team deep-dive into an entire strategy evaluation with a clear red line unfolding all critical areas for early-stage business build-up: Strategy, Team, Financials and Execution.

Anna Hüttl, Startup Ecosystem Manager, Next Mannheim

Anna Hüttl.jpeg
Rob-Caslick 2.jpg

Made for Scale has proven immensely valuable for our leadership team and business. We're now more focused and disciplined, equipped with new tools that demystify the complexities of strategic thinking and direction. Invest in this resource – you won't regret it!

Rob Caslick, Founder & CEO, Two Good


To join the Founder Fast Lunch group, please register your interest by clicking the JOIN button below.
We will ask you a few questions so we can ensure you join a group with founders leading businesses at similar scale and stage.


Who Should Apply?

Founders, CEOs or COOs of organisations beyond start-up stage, ambitious to grow. You are likely to have been operating for more than 5 years and have more than 10+ people in your organisation. No restriction on business models. During you application we will ask you a few questions so we can offer you a founders group at similar stage based on: No. of employees, Age of business, Industry, Product & service (No competitors) and Growth Ambitions.

What are the dates and times of the sessions?

The sessions will occur every two months at lunchtime 12pm, either thursday or friday. The dates for the in-person lunch event will be decided as a group based on majority availability. Once we have a group of founders at similar stage we will notify you of the dates and send out calendar invitations for the first five sessions.

What about confidentiality?

All founders selected to join must agree to the principles of respect and confidentiality. Chatham house rules apply meaning you can discuss what you have learnt during your sessions with your internal team but you can't share names or specifics.

How do I know if I am successful?

We will send you an email that your application has been accepted and details will follow regarding our first session together.

What is my commitment?

We expect you to join for all the online lunchtime sessions which will be 1 to 1.5 hours per session. The in-person lunch (session 6) is optional as it is in Sydney and may not be local for everyone. As this is a peer group learning, our expectation is that you will be open and and contribute actively to the group discussion.There is no fee to join or attend for selected founders/CEOs. If you are unable to attend the 5 sessions, you need not accept the offer to join this group and can opt to be waitlisted to attend a future group.


To join the Founder Fast Lunch group, please register your interest by clicking the JOIN button below.
We will ask you a few questions so we can ensure you join a group with founders leading businesses at similar scale and stage.

Fast Founders is a complimentary Mastermind Group for Founders/CEOs of Scale Up stage organisations. We invite founders/CEOs to apply to ensure the group is at similar stage of growth and there are no competitive conflicts. While connection is encouraged, this is not for sales calls.

Founders Fast Lunch is for ambitious founders, eager to learn and grow alongside other founders.

 We just hope that together we are able to help you scale more easily. :)

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