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Keynote presentation

How do you inspire founding teams to enthusiastically embrace scale transformation? Keynotes can quickly open mindsets and create a better environment for agile learning and quality discussions.


Claire is an experienced speaker, researcher and expert in start-ups, scaling, leading and managing teams towards greater innovation and digitalisation.

Are you ready to make your next event or team workshop high-energy and motivational for your people?


Are you ready to nail your next event?

Set the tone and pace for the day with a Keynote presentation on a topic relevant to innovation, starting or scaling you business.

Establish trust and openness via one of our Team building exercises based on the principles of Five Dysfunctions of TeamTM

Learn new knowledge, identify opportunities  and remove constraints to scale over a 2-3 hour Focused Interactive workshop. 

Gain external knowledge and impulses from focus group moderation on starting and scaling businesses with who have been where you are going.

Get support planning your next important team or industry event for entrepreneurs and their teams.

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Claire is the author of original research and academic literature on entrepreneurship and scaling. Together with the University of Mannheim's Entrepreneurship and Small and Mid-sized firm research institute, ifm, Claire has co-authored research into corporate-startup partnerships, and how start-ups transform as they scale. Together with her co-authors, she developed the Scaling FlywheelTM, a framework which outlines how high-tech start-ups transform as they scale. To request a presentation on the Scaling Flywheel, please contact us.

Lasting Change. Immediate impact. We guarentee it.

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Claire Mula shares her insights on scaling up and her own experiences in a very inspiring, comprehensible, and entertaining way. The founders benefited immensely from her input as she is emphasizing on new topics and results which she translated into hands-on information and take aways for scale up founders.

Anna Hüttl

Startup Ecosystem Manager, Next Mannheim

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