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Level Up your Meetings

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Do you feel like you are in back to back meetings, yet somehow lack quick decision making and time to reflect on strategy? You may need to level up your meeting governance by putting into place a new meeting rhythm and agenda.

Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up and founder of the Young Entrepreneurs Organisation and Scaling Up Coaches has synthesised and analysed some of the world's leading companies and their meetings. Based on this, Scaling Up recommends a new meeting governance for scaling and growth focussed companies. For efficiency we have summarised it here!

The Daily Team Huddle

Why? Informational

Who? Each Team/ Unit separately

When? Daily on specific time for 10 mins –keep it short and


Covers? What’s up/new?

The critical daily number/ top 3 priority tasks

Today’s focus

Blockers - Where are you stuck?

Weekly Team Meeting

Why? Fast intel and Operational Decisions

Who? Each Team separately

When? Weekly, in place of Daily Huddle. 60-90 min

Recommend all on one day to free week up.

Covers? Good news sharing

Priorities / Key Rocks / Critical Number tracking (red, tallow, green)

Customer learning / feedback this week

Employee feedback this week

Collective intell:

Urgent/important operational issues / challenges



Next weeks’ focus (Main thing)

Monthly Leadership Meeting

Why? Make decisions on key issues facing the company.

Who? Senior Leadership and -1 Level (Mid level management).

When? Monthly, 4-6 hours

Covers? Agenda of key issues collected prior

Past Month Key Outcomes and Decisions

Key Concerns and Open Issues (Brainstorm solutions)

Review Core Values & Strategy

Learning and development e.g. professional training or peer expertise sharing.

Quarterly Leadership

Why? Review company performance, strategy and organization

Who? Senior Leadership (responsible for Strategy and Key Metrics)

When? Quarterly, ½ - 1 day

Covers? Company performance vs. Goals

Strategy (Core values, Purpose, Brand, BHAG)

Adjustments to upcoming Priorities and Targets

Quarterly Planning

Why? Plan next quarter goals and priorities

Who? Executive plus other relevant Team Members. Some small businesses all staff.

When? Quarterly, off-site 8-10 hours

Covers? Learnings from last quarter

Updates and refinement to Strategy

Goal-setting and Priorities set for upcoming quarter

Setting Quarterly Theme and individual priorities

Annual Planning

Why? Decide Next Year’s Goals and Annual Priorities

Who? Executive plus other relevant Team Members.

When? 2-Days, off-site 8-10 hours


Review Performance Past Year

Learnings from past Year

Learnings from Staff Engagement survey/feedback

Review Strategy

Updates and refinement to Strategy

Goal-setting and Key Thrusts set for upcoming quarter

Key Rocks / Priorities for the Year beyond Business as Usual.

Thanks to Verne and Scaling Up!

Want help implementing a Meeting rhythm and levelling up the quality and output from your Meetings ? Contact Made for Scale to help you to facilitate and prepare your meetings.

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